Dear Dr McLaren and contributors to this forum, Sidetrack. If an apology is required for my previous posts that were lengthy and bold I give it unreservedly.Thank you once more Dr McLaren for schooling me on the freedom of speech we have in this country. I leave the lengthy posts now to people who have letters before and after their names. My question is. How do I uncover how much families, communities, governments fork out for ECT. I have enquired over many years only to be stonewalled- it’s sadly getting to the stage of ‘who really did kill JFK’ can someone humour me and just have a guess

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I would like to know how much it costs to administer a four week course of the violent and aggressive electro convulsive therapy. It would be interesting to compare costs of other treatment options.

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I submitted a 15-page paper to the ADHD enquiry, but they didn't publish it. I think I know why! It didn't align with their harmful agenda.

What do I know?! I’m just a mum with a kid that was diagnosed with ADHD (and many other labels) and the 4 year diagnosis and treatment journey nearly led me to suicide. Luckily I didn’t as I made it my mission to leave no stone unturned on my quest to find out the root cause of ADHD and find the truth.

The push for easier ADHD diagnoses and inclusion in disability programs neglects to highlight the suffering of families and the negative outcomes for children's future, including homelessness, jail, death, or in many cases, worsening mental health. This agenda, in my view, will contribute to the current mental health crisis, a prescribing cascade and a rise in diagnoses of what I've coined "A Deficiency in Health & Detoxification” - which, in my opinion, should be the real term for the acronym ADHD! This means kids can be treated holistically and recover, without needing to take harmful, psychoactive drugs for the rest of their lives. But of course, improving children's environment, and their brain and gut health doesn’t make big pharma and their minions any money!

Fortunately, I'm a determined and passionate mother who isn't intimidated by the industry. I'm taking on the challenge of creating my own documentary film about this critical issue. If we don't demonstrate that there are alternative approaches, there will be even more negative impacts on children, families, and society.

Thank you for bringing this critical issue to light with your work.

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