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The neurodiversity definitions are largely the reason I left my last job as the company was at the forefront of promulgating these definitions. The lead scientist in my department presented a slide with a graphic saying personality, behaviour and cognition are all types of neurodiversity which of course everyone agreed with (there was a product to sell). I did challenge him on it saying he is basically hoodwinking people, and this was completely unscientific. Subsequently, the company started recording if people had a “neurodiversity” or believed they had a neurodiversity- trying to thingify neologisms.

We measured cognition using psychometric tests assessing constructs like working memory, executive function, visual perception and then offered support to people who scored below one standard deviation. I actually have no problem with this kind of testing (we followed a model to base the constructs on which was valid more than most things in psychology) and it did help people who struggled in educational environments- moving away from the idea of typical IQ testing as single number and Charles Murray’s ideas from the The Bell Curve.

The problem for me was when cognitive “conditions” such as dyslexia became conflated with psychiatric conditions (ADHD and autism the most popular) based on cognition. Thus, people with certain types of measured cognition had such cognition associated with their condition/diagnosis (autism or ADHD etc) and now came under the meaningless neurodiverse umbrella, which of course they embraced as it sounds a lot nicer and comforting than mental illness/disorder/personality disorder. There are numerous papers on this which result in employers specifically screening for applicants who have ADHD as the way their cognition is (due to their ADHD) is most suitable for the type of job.

The ND terms are of course bullshit, but it is comforting bullshit with a kernel of truth about cognition (people do think and learn in different ways). However, it’s reliance on psychiatric conditions bogs it down in circularity (why are you ND- because of the way I think and behave. Why do you think and behave in that way- because I am ND).

There is a huge political drive behind this as well- after all who doesn’t want a more equitable and diverse society (including neurodiversity). However, I’ve had more than my two cents worth, so I’ll stop here.

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👏👏👏Thank you again for your post.

I will share in my humble telegram once more!

Is a pity how much time is wasted in finding no real solutions to improve human lives...

What is happening to people?

Does universities and colleges downgrade the human brain to puppets and idiotic minds? So sad! 😥

All that time and effort could make earth a paradise!

Why is do difficult to understand that the model of society we are living is the main factor for what people are presenting?

.. Since when our brains are designed for repetitive work for hours and weeks and months and years?

Since when we do not have a soul that needs time to find its path? Is impossible with how the system works!

What can be expected from our children developing in enviorments that promotes selfishness, does not allow analytical thinking and destroy the priorities in life?

Since when the human being exist to be only productive on the economical sense?

Why this continuos fomenting on hate, homophobia between humans?

All those simple factors are part of us, is still a miracle that some people are not experiencing "mental issues" 🧐👀

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